Living in the Innovation Age
Living in the Innovation Age
TekNirvana — December 2011
ISBN-10: 0-615-56285-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-56285-8

Innovation is not just about a faster horse...

Have you ever wondered why only a handful of companies are so successful at continuously introducing game changing innovations?

Most experts agree that we have transitioned into The Innovation Age – an age where innovation is not an option, nor a luxury, but an absolute necessity for survival and success. So how does one thrive in this new era of constant innovation? The answer lies in understanding how successful companies such as Procter & Gamble, 3M, Google, Apple, and many others have embraced innovation to continuously venture into new and unchartered waters.

In Living in the Innovation Age, author and innovation expert, Tarak Modi discusses five principles of innovation based on his experience and research over the years that can help organizational leaders and companies prosper in this fundamentally unique era of innovation.

In addition, Modi offers practical advice on several powerful techniques that anyone can use to make innovation work in their organization. To help organizations embark on their innovation journey, he explains the typical innovation lifecycle and presents a pragmatic, ready-to-use innovation maturity model that lays out a roadmap of proven techniques to help organizations improve their innovation "maturity."

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Professional Java Web Services
Professional Java Web Services
Wrox Press — January 2002
ISBN-10: 1861003757
Web Services have the potential to change not only how businesses interact with their customers but fundamentally transform how they operate internally and interact with business partners in their supply chain. Over the past few years, the Java platform has already had a similar impact on the application development world. So, what if these two game changing technologies joined forces?

In "Professional Java Web Services", Tarak Modi and his co-authors give the Java developer insight into the Web Services world. It helps them understand the fundamentals of Web Services in the context of their existing strengths - the Java language and its supporting libraries. More importantly though, it teaches them how to apply these concepts and their existing knowledge to solve real problems using web services. Topics covered include:
  • Web Service Architecture and Fundamentals (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and ebXML)
  • J2EE Support for Web Services (JAXM, JAXRPC, and JAXR)
  • Web-Service Enabling Existing J2EE Applications
  • SAP and Web Services
  • Web Services Security and Secure SOAP
  • Introduction to SunONE