Using Space-Based Programming For Loosely Coupled Distributed Systems (May 2000)
One of the problems of highly distributed systems is figuring out how systems discover each other. After all, the whole point of having distributed systems is to allow flexible and perhaps even dynamic configurations to maximize system performance and availability. So how do these distributed components of one system or multiple systems discover each other? Furthermore, once these systems are discovered how do we allow enough flexibility, such as rediscovery, so as to allow fail-safe operation of such systems? Space based programming may provide us with a very good answer to these questions and more...
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The Platform Blending Concept - When In Rome Do As the Romans Do (April 2000)
Creating software in Java and hence making it platform independent is only half the battle. To make a software application truly platform independent, the application must behave as any other platform specific application would behave on that platform. Otherwise, the platform independent application sticks out like a "sore thumb". Thus platform independence is only the first step to a larger, ultimate, and more fulfilling concept of "platform-blending"...
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A Summary of Cool Design Patterns (November 1998)
Don't want to read the entire "Gang of four" book, or do you just want a quick refresher?...
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