TekNirvana, short for Technology Nirvana, symbolizes the perfectly aligned and synergistic relationship between business and technology. TekNirvana's mission is to help its clients make technology bliss a reality by cutting through marketing hype, getting to the bottom of a technology, and assessing its applicability in the real world — their world.

TekNirvana seeks to help its clients translate technology capabilities into business possibilities by transforming their technology investment into actionable, strategic assets. This is the essence of realizing technology nirvana, or "TekNirvana" — the ultimate technology bliss. We believe in working with our clients to understand their needs and recommend technology-centered solutions based on these needs rather than market hype or the unfounded desire to apply the latest and greatest technology.

Our Client Value Delivery Model is depicted below.

We invite you to explore our Services, Solutions, and Innovative Insights to find out more about how we help you attain "TekNirvana" by:
  • Optimizing technology investments in support of business strategies
  • Balancing cost-cutting, performance, and innovation initiatives for maximum competitive advantage
  • Realizing the full benefit of technology investments by fine tuning people and processes
  • Leveraging technology to solve the toughest challenges with comprehensive, context-based solutions

Leveraging technology to attain business goals and objectives is the essence of Technology Nirvana

Case Studies
Health IT Systems Analysis
Financial Services Modernization
Federal (Civilian) Program Mgmt.
DOD Cloud Computing

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