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EDA And SOA: Synergy Abounds
Alice LaPlante, Web Services Pipeline Editor, June 16, 2005
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As Tarak Modi explains in his excellent feature Event-Driven Architecture: Achieving Architectural Agility, event-based systems are systems in which the constituent modules (or components) have no direct connection to each other. In an event-based system, the components are completely decoupled from each other, since they communicate only through the publication and subscription of events and never directly with each other. A combination of EDA and SOA continues to provide all the commonly touted benefits of an SOA, such as increased levels of reusability, higher interoperability between systems, and improved scalability; in addition, an EDA allows dynamic reconfiguration of business logic by the addition of new or the replacement of existing event subscribers.

Sifting Through The Alphabet Soup Of Web Services Acronyms
Web Servcies Pipeline, April 13, 2005
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As our columnist Tarak Modi points out in an article this week, no one can accuse technologists of lacking creativity where acronyms are concerned. And nowhere are acronyms so prevalent--and so potentially frustrating--as in Web services.

Java tools reign supreme
JavaWorld, June 9, 2003

JavaWorld presents the winners of its 2003 Editors' Choice Awards. Find out which technologies won Best Java IDE, Best Java Application Server, Best Java Device Application Development Tool, Most Innovative Java Product or Technology, and more!

Royalty Free SOAP Close to a Reality
Open Enterprise Trends, November 27, 2002
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The momentum continues to build for widespread and royalty-free adoption of SOAP, despite concerns that W3C's adoption of SOAP 1.2 specs may be bogged down by vendor claims of royalty or patent protection. See what the experts have to say about this...

Java Execs Eye This Week's J2EE 1.4 Beta Release
Integration News, November 4, 2002

While J2EE 1.4 continues to eye standards for Java-wide consensus on portability for Java applications, this latest upgrade sends another message to Java-centric developers. It's time for Java developers to...

A Solid Foundation
Catalyst Magazine, September 23, 2002
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The real business world does not operate in a vacuum or in your mind's eye. In today's volatile business environment, what can go wrong often will, especially in the small and mid-sized market. The same holds true for IT....

Java's Top Guns -- JavaWorld, March 26, 2002
JavaWorld presents the winners of its 2002 Editors' Choice Awards. Find out which technologies won Best Java Virtual Machine, Best Java-XML Tool, Best Java Device Application Development Tool, Most Innovative Product, and more!

Web Tiff -- PC Magazine, August 28, 2001
It's like something out of Alice in Wonderland. In January, Sun Microsystems was fighting to restrict Microsoft's use of Java, the Sun programming language. Now Sun is angry that Microsoft will cease supporting the language.