Technology has become inextricably interwoven into the very core of all business functions to the point where effectively leveraging technology is absolutely essential to gaining and sustaining long-term competitive advantage. Today technology is no longer a supporting function of a business. Technology is the business! Identifying, evaluating, and effectively leveraging technology requires a deliberate, well-thought out, and properly articulated approach to avoid costly false starts. Offerings in the Strategy and Technology Enablement service category are designed to help companies optimize their technology investments to achieve their strategic business goals and objectives.

Our offerings in this service category include:
  • IT Strategy, Alignment, Governance & Metrics
  • IT Program & Project Management
  • Enterprise Architecture & Capital Planning
  • Big Data Analysis & Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity Solutions (CyberTek Framework)
  • Data Center and Cloud Migration (CloudNirvana Methodology)
  • DevOps Strategy and Implementation (NirvanaOps Methodology)
  • Innovation Management (Tek-Inova Framework)

Optimize technology investments to achieve your strategic business goals and objectives

CIO Strategy Whitepaper
The "First Class" CIO - Three strategies to help ensure the CIO's seat at the executive table

Case Studies
Health IT Systems Analysis
Financial Services Modernization
Federal (Civilian) Program Mgmt.
Federal (Civilian) Cybersecurity
Federal (Civilian) DevOps & Agile
Federal (Civilian) Agile Transformation
DOD Cloud Computing

Capability Statement
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