Leadership, Whose Business is it Anyway? (Summer 2000)
In "The Leadership Challenge", Kouzes and Posner, renowned leadership experts and teachers, attempt to clarify in a revolutionary way, a topic that has baffled man from time immemorial: the topic of leadership...
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Barnes And Noble - A Strategy Audit (Spring 2000)
This paper starts off by doing a lifecycle analysis of the book retail industry. An industry attractiveness analysis is done using Porter's Five Forces framework. Important Trends are analyzed. We then focus on major competitors of B&N such as Amazon and Borders. Finally, we analyze B&N, their resources and capabilities, their current strategy, and its effectiveness. The paper ends with our recommendations to B&N regarding strategic direction...
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Internet Portals - An Introduction (Spring 2000)
The basic concept of a portal is a URL from which users link to all manner of Internet services and activities (search, content, personal authoring, transaction, and social-interactive sites). The extreme boom in interest in (and hype about) portals has mainly been a gift from Wall Street, who...
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A Controversial Discussion on Patents (Spring '99)
The ruling has let loose a whirlwind of controversy. Critics fear that the decision will give the few "lucky" patent holders huge windfall profits and at the same time slow the spread of valuable commercial innovations. A torrent of lawsuits are likely to follow. That's because despite the decades old case law prohibiting business methods patents, inventors have always flooded patent offices hoping/betting on such a reversal...
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Sun Microsystems Vs. Microsoft Corporation - As of March 1999 (Spring '99)
The announcement and widespread popularity of the JAVA Programming language resulted in an immediate appreciation of the threat posed by Sun's JAVA technology to the foundations of the Microsoft monopoly. So pronounced was the threat that in September 1996, Bill Gates warned his staff "This scares the hell out of me"...
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Preliminary Economic Analysis of BellSouth; Includes Macro and Micro analysis (Fall '98)
This paper will analyze and forecast the microeconomic factors affecting BellSouth in particular and the telecommunications industry in general, and the macroeconomic environment in which BellSouth Cellular operates...
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Preliminary Financial Analysis of Southwest Airlines (Spring '98)
Twenty-six years ago, Rollin W. King scribbled three lines on a cocktail napkin, leaned across the table, and muttered to his longtime friend: "Herb, lets start our own airline". Herbert D. Kelleher loosened his tie and knitted his brow before replying: "Rollin, you're crazy." He then paused, grinned, and added, "Lets do it!"...
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