Object-Oriented Hardware Design (Fall '97)
In this paper we will try to demonstrate that this methodology can also be successfully applied to hardware design, and that objects are in fact inherent to hardware design...
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A Detailed Discussion of the PCI Bus Architecture (Summer '97)
Intel defined the PCI bus to ensure that the marketplace would not become crowded with various permutations of local bus architectures implemented in a short sighted fashion. The first version became available in June of 1992. Intel made the decision not to back the VESA VL standard because...
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A Detailed Discussion of the Pentium Internals (Summer '97)
The first IBM PC was based on the Intel 8088 microprocessor running at 4.77 Mhz. The 8088 took 4 clock cycles to run a zero wait state bus cycle. Over the years, the x86 family of processors increased in speed (about 50 times), however, the access time of DRAM memory has not decreased at the same rate. This results in a performance bottleneck; one or more states...
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Parallel Processing With Transputers (Spring '97)
The transputer was introduced to the world in 1985 by INMOS limited. The transputer was a VLSI chip, and at that time was heralded as a revolution in the world of computing. The transputer is essentially a high performance microprocessor. One of its most significant features is...
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