The end goal of any technology project is providing a "solution" to a problem. Solution architecture takes this "holistic" approach to applying technology by first seeking to understand the problem and the outcomes sought, and then considering technology alternatives. Each alternative is carefully examined with the pros and cons balanced against the requirements, constraints, and context of the problem at hand. Offerings in the Solution Architecture service category are designed to help companies "solve problems" with an action-oriented approach that goes beyond typical requirements lists to true contextual analysis to yield optimum results.

Our offerings in this service category include:
  • Capture Strategy & Management
  • Technical Proposal Support
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Teaming Partner Evaluation & Selection
  • Application Architecture & Development
    • SOA & Web Services
    • J2EE, Microsoft .NET, & other emerging platforms
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Software Selection
    • Make vs. Buy Analysis
    • Strategic Sourcing Decisions
  • SDLC Selection & Tailoring
  • DevOps Strategy and Implementation (NirvanaOps Methodology)

Leverage technology to solve your toughest challenges with comprehensive, context-based solutions

Case Studies
Financial Services Modernization
Federal (Civilian) DevOps & Agile
Federal (Civilian) Agile Transformation
DOD Cloud Computing

Capability Statement
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