The constant barrage of threats related to cybersecurity is causing a shift in focus from compliance to risk-based protection, resulting in ever-changing and new requirements for system security and contingency plans, a greater push for continuous monitoring, and a stronger emphasis on configuration management and incident response.

CyberTek by TekNirvana (shown below) is a mature and proven cyberscurity framework designed to help organizations meet the demanding and often overwhelming challenges of establishing a comprehensive security management program. It helps migrate from tactical, point solutions to a more coordinated set of tools and techniques with a system of systems approach that looks at the big picture.

Key highlights of CyberTek include:
  • Takes a proactive risk management approach to cybersecurity
  • Focuses on continuous improvement with the accompanying Security Maturity Model (see Toolset on the left)
  • Integrates security into the enterprise architecture to ensure that it is ingrained within the organization
  • Allows for tailoring based on organization specific mandates/regulations and requirements
  • Is tool and vendor agnostic

CyberTek helps identify the key areas that should be secured. A central idea promoted by CyberTek is that security is not standalone or an afterthought. Rather, at TekNirvana, we believe that it must be aligned with and be an integral part of the organization's Enterprise Architecture. That is why Enterprise Architecture is at the crux of our framework. An organization's Enterprise Architecture consists of its Mission/Business Processes, Applications, Data, Technology, and People. We have made key disciplines such as Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Program Management, and Operations a solid foundation for our framework. Our security operations builds upon guidance from the NIST Cybersecurity framework. We derive tailoring guidance from various mandates/regulations (FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, etc.) and organizational policies/procedures to work with you to customize the framework for your organization. Finally, our experience has shown that security is only as strong as the weakest link, which in most cases is the human element. That is why Security Awareness is a fundamental and cross cutting concern within our framework as we deem it equally essential at all levels.

Proactive Cybersecurity with CyberTek

CyberTek provides comprehensive cybersecurity support helping organizations
  • Protect reputation, brand, and other intangibles
  • Safeguard critical business and information assets
  • Build in security as part of doing business
  • Make security proactive rather than reactive
CyberTek Toolset
 CyberTek Security Maturity Model
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