At the heart of everything we do at TekNirvana is the core belief that an IT system isn't just technology for technology's sake. Our IT assessment is a comprehensive and thorough review of a your organization's technology systems and environment to appraise how the technology helps or hinders your core business/mission objectives and make practical recommendations on how to better leverage technology to meet your business/mission goals and objectives. Our assessments can be focused on a specific area of IT or as broad as necessary to include business processes, applications, data, infrastructure (networks, servers, storage, etc.), and organization/people.

ValueTek by TekNirvana (shown below) is a mature and proven IT Assessment and Modernization framework that is designed to help organizations ensure that they derive optimum value from their current and future IT investments.

ValueTek consists of five processes areas broken up into two groups:

Assessment Processes - These consist of the top three chevrons - Initiation, Planning, and Assessment - and focus on evaluating the current use of technology to achieve business/mission objectives as well as making recommendations on technology improvements/investments.

Modernization Processes - These consist of the bottom two chevrons - Proof-of-Concept and Implementation - and focus on prototyping recommendations in sandbox environments, learning from these, documenting lessons-learned, and creating implementation cookbooks. Modernization builds upon the work done during the Assessment processes. We leverage our Tek-Inova methodology as part of this phase to identify, evaluate, and implement innovations as part of the POCs. Once the recommendations are thoroughly vetted, the selected recommendations are implemented using our NirvanaOps framework to support Continuous Development, QA, and Deployment.

Maximize Your Business Value from IT with ValueTek

ValueTek offers a full range of IT assessment and modernization services, including:
  • Evaluating if technology is helping or hindering meet business/mission goals
  • Ensuring that technology and security are in compliance with government guidelines and best practices
  • Providing an investment roadmap for improving technology use
  • Prototyping recommendations in an agile manner
  • Implementing modernization strategies using DevOps principles
ValueTek Toolset
 Service Definition Model
 Service Maturity Score Calculator

Case Studies
Financial Services Modernization
Federal (Civilian) DevOps & Agile

ValueTek Brochure
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